Young people think history is boring and museums dull.

But history isn't the problem. It's the way it's presented.

Everyone loves a good story. And we all learn best through play.

So I put the story back in hiStory to make it fun and unforgettable.

I’ve made it my life’s goal to bring history and culture to life.
Now, I'm excited to support you.

Let's #TurnHistoryOn Together!


As an Author

I use story as a vehicle to teach history.

I enhance narrative content with context-rich interactive features and learning games.

I develop stories that work across multiple formats.

As an Editor

I guide authors of historical and creative nonfiction through the developmental process of crafting compelling, page-turning tales. 

As a Publisher

I produce immersive historical tales and tours, direct to digital, for the educational travel brand: Time Traveler Tours & Tales.

As a Story Consultant

I aid cultural institutions and tourist destinations to develop age-appropriate story-driven treasure hunts enhanced with gamification and other interactive features that highlight their cultural legacy in an immersive, engaging way.

As an Educator & Presenter

I work with secondary school and university-aged students to marry research with creative writing to invent and publish interactive stories, using a variety of accessible digital creation tools.

My Interdisciplinary approach enables young people to show their understanding of historic people, places, and events as opposed to tell it through traditional test taking. 

I teach authors of all ages all over the world in one-on-one weekly Skype sessions. 

I'm available to act as faculty in Writers Retreats and Conferences worldwide.

I especially love speaking and presenting on the topic of digital storytelling, educational tourism, and tech in education -- your venue or mine.