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Time-travel on your iPhone or iPod Touch to the heart of the French Revolution with murderess, Charlotte Corday, on this unforgettable historical treasure hunt from Paris’ Palais Royal to the antechamber of the guillotine, the Conciergerie Prison.

Track a murderess. Heed her tale.
Unravel puzzles on the way.

Put the past in the palm of your hand.
Discover history with those who made it!

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Created expressly for youth, ages 12-120, Time Traveler Tours interactive StoryApp iTineraries combine the traditional power of storytelling with the latest in mobile technology to bring the world’s most popular destinations to life. 

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"The City of Lights was once made bright by the flash of a revolution’s guillotine, and this app provides a glimpse into one of Paris' pivotal backstories... through the eyes of one if its key players, satisfying both historian and eager tourist."

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"You don't have to be in Paris to enjoy this compelling, dramatic historical app, illustrated with art of the period and impeccably written and narrated. Fascinating and fun, packed with games and adventures, enhanced by language options and a musical score... Absolutely not to be missed!"

Orel Protopescu, Award-winning Author and Co-Creator of A Word's a Bird