Okay, peeps, my groovy new website now launched, I turn my attention almost exclusively -- I still have a dog to walk and a few mouths to feed -- to preparing my presentations for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Annual Summer Conference in Los Angeles.

This is my first SCBWI-LA Conference -- I've done NY, Bologna and New England, some of them more than once. And I'm all jazzed up because this time I'll also be presenting, which is exciting and scary all at the same time. Plus, I NEVER get to LA, so that's pretty cool too.

I am thrilled to be sharing the podium -- not once, but twice -- with the lovely, the dynamic fellow author, app developer and Hen&ink Literary Agency chick, Julie Hedlund. We will be talking on all the things, both wacky and wonderful, that we've learned through first-hand experience about publishing in a digital world.

We're currently working (diligently, of course) on the content for our 3-hr Intensive Workshop: Writing and Submitting Interactive Apps and eBooks, or Publishing in the Digital Frontier: Is it Appily Ever After?

For those of you heading to LA, I'm sorry to say that this session will conflict with Henry Winkler's presentation on Improving your Character to Life at 9:00-12:15 on Monday, Aug 5. (And yes, I do mean the Fonz.) Julie and I promise not to hold it against you if you pick Henry's session over ours, if -- and only if -- you take good notes to share later with us because we'd like to be there too!

But if you do wish to come to our intensive (and even if you don't, or can't), stay tuned to this blog, because I plan to give you a few sneak peaks in the run-up to the big event.

AND if you have any specific needs or questions, please leave them in the comments section of this post. Not only will we try to include them, but we'll attribute you for asking (unless you ask us to do otherwise).

Now, for Today's Conference Sneak Peek, here's Lee Wind's interview with yours truly, originally published on July 16th over at the Official SCBWI-LA Conference Blog...

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Happy Reading!