Team Time Traveler Tours & Tales is finally official. And in the lead up to the launch of our new company website (coming soon!), we would like to introduce each and all of our new members.

Today we present our Officer of Curation and Communications:

Tessa Laney!

...who is equally happy bopping around in the past as she is hugging the life out of the present. Energetic and full of ideas, Tessa was an instant asset to our burgeoning team.

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Tessa has a thing for “living history” and thus was drawn to the Time Traveler Tours & Tales concept right away. Born in a small Renaissance town in the Netherlands and raised in colonial Philadelphia, Tessa is more at home among the old than the new, realizing from an early age that, "history is everywhere, just waiting for us to notice."

She received her bachelor’s degree in Art History from Emory University and went on to a master’s in Arts Administration from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She has since applied the knowledge and skills gained at these two venerable institutions at a variety of cultural organizations across the United States, working primarily in archival management, curating historic image collections, grant writing, and institutional development.

Tessa now lives in Paris, where she is completing a master’s in the History and Culture of Paris from the University of London Institute in Paris. She’s here to study the material culture of the late-19th and early-20th centuries—the architecture, decorative arts, fashion, and, of course, artists of the Fin-de-Siècle.  When not in class, Tessa loves traveling, sightseeing, hiking, skiing, and bestowing a wild affection on any and all unwitting animals, especially her five-year-old Australian shepherd, Colby, (and now Sarah’s wildly adorable Gryffindog).

She has joined Team TTT&T to spearhead our many needs with image curation and licensing rights to ensure that we have a comprehensive suite of historic images to complement our tales. She will also help to manage the TTT, LLC email list, advising Sarah in how to keep communications fresh and frequent, and will handle the TTT&T editorial calendar of publications, including blog posts and other social media messaging.

Welcome to the Team, Tessa! Looking forward to making history together!

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