As described in Part I of this series: TEACHERS IN THE VANGUARD, Jayne Clare and Anne Rachel have been on the cutting edge of the app industry from its inception.

In 2009, their apps were among the first to hit the App Store. ABC On the Go, ABC Shakedown, and ABC Shakedown Plus (by i-Itch Inc.) rose quickly to the top of the education category. But their voices were soon shouted down by the tens of thousands of products that came swiftly behind.

Anne and Jayne, both career educators, felt that many of the apps flooding into the education category were of questionable quality. As they watched more and more “truly educational apps” get swept aside by big-brand, big-budget bullies with little value, they saw the need for "an app resource and discovery site" where teachers, parents, even the app users themselves, could reliably find great for children and youth.

In 2010 they strode forward again. They launched Teachers With Apps with the goal of showcasing top-of-the-class apps and developers. I wanted to know...

What is Teachers With Apps' review process?

  • Where and how do you find the apps you review?

  • What criteria do you use to determine whether they will be included on the site?

  • Where do you find the young people with whom you field-test the apps?

  • How do you find time to work with them? I asked the Co-Founders, themselves!

Watch Part II of our interview to hear Anne and Jayne discuss their process.

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Next Up On Part III: Learn from these educational app pioneers as they reflect on the future of what's still an infant (and growth) industry.