Are you struggling with how to monetize your educational app endeavor? Are you wondering if it's even possible?

Then you won't want to miss the final installment of our debut video interview series -- TEACHERS IN THE VANGUARD -- with Jayne Clare and Anne Rachel, Co-Founders of Teachers With Apps.

This two gutsy gals took a risk and made it work. Find out how.

In Part I of the series, we learn how these two Teachers in the Vanguard moved quickly from pioneer app developers to creators of an app resource and discovery site that benefits a community of educators, parents and other care-givers now 50,000 strong.

In Part 2, we discover the criteria and considerations Anne and Jayne use when evaluating the apps they choose to recommend on the TWA site.

In Part 3, the two offer us insights, direct from the front lines, on the ever-evolving app industry, and the respect they share for developers of educational products.

And in Part 4, we find out how Jayne and Anne have come to honor both worthy products and the people and organizations behind them: those developers who seem never fail at keeping children and learning at the forefront of their efforts.

Then, in Part 5, Jayne introduces us to Jayne Clare Consulting (JCC) and sets us up for Anne's latest news, to be revealed in our final episode to follow.

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