How is this Indie Publisher different from other Indie Publishers?

We Take Story Seriously

Story is humankind’s original art form. Humans are the storytelling animal. We learn from story; we pass on knowledge through story; we relax and are entertained and transported through story. A good story has the power to move, explain, and edify.

That’s why we at Time Traveler Tours & Tales, we begin with a great story.

We Believe Learning Can be Fun

Indeed, we think it should be. When a story is engaging, the reader’s focus rarely falters, even in our increasingly high-speed world. But when used carefully to enhance narrative content, technological games and activities can work well to further educate and extend.

That’s why we make it our business to stay on top of best practices in developing new media for children and youth and apply these advancements to our stories.

We Fill a Unique Niche

Our titles bring history to life through story and interactive games, at the tips of your fingers. With Time Traveler Tours & Tales, you discover the past with those who made it!

We’re Multi-Platform & Multi-Market

Why? Because we believe our titles must be available wherever our audiences want them most. Whether educational traveler, history student, history buff, or armchair traveler, there is a preferred format for every reader, for every time of day, and for every reading context.

Our readers deserve to access our content where they want it for the their individual purpose.

We Embrace Original Content

Today’s digital publishing formats are all unique environments, each presenting a different opportunity for creator, producer, and consumer, alike. That’s why we develop expressly for the individual format.

We believe the best way to do this is with original stories intended for digital...first.

We View Authors as Collaborators

Content Collaborators, to be exact, deserving of their own online home. Within the future TTT&T Author Atelier, our content collaborations will be able to seek advice, obtain peer reviews, upload and store content assets, test and review the development sprints of their own future publications, and more.

We Offer Competitive Royalties

We can do this because we publish agilely in collaboration with our content collaborators, testing as we go. We produce across formats, targeting multiple audiences. And we remain focused on our brand mission: to bring history to life through story and games.

Finally, We Provide a Full Service

Founded by an author/educator, our team now boasts editorial, art design, technical, and marketing experts as well. Together, we think through every stage of the publishing process, always with the best interests of your story in mind.

Join us today. Let’s make history together!