I stepped off British Airways flight #0113 into JFK airport last week and was immediately swept up. The energy of New York and the excitement of the holiday season greeted me right along with the rushing people and traffic.

After the past several months working alone from my quiet London home at a convalescent’s pace and in relative isolation, I felt the vitality of both city and season pick me up like a giant hand and propel me into the arms of Team TTT&T and our much-anticipated four-day marathon huddle.

I’m so grateful to be back in the city I still consider “home,” and to be working alongside such talented and generous people again.

2015-12-17 09.23.58.jpg

Together, we reflected on the successes of the last year, and we brainstormed how to build on them in the three, six, and twelve months ahead.

We shared big, blue sky, creative ideas, determined our next milestones, and detailed their stages and time frames for completion.

We finalized the last of our Kickstarter rewards; honed our marketing message and narrative; and fleshed out the financials of our future business.

And we rolled up our sleeves and launched head first into our first editorial revisions of Mary Hoffman's working draft of IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF GIANTS.

But I'm ashamed to admit that in all the comings and goings and highfivings and occasional frustrated lowings – because there are always such moments in any group process – I forgot to share with them the one most important, sacred, and essential thing, indeed, the very reason for our end-of-year meet up:

I forgot to express my thanks...

...for all that they have given to me and to the project this year, both as individuals as well as a collective.

...for their belief in the project, their support, and drive, and encouraging cheer.

...for just plain being them.

It was the first item on the agenda and the one item I completely forgot. In part, because I never thought to look at the agenda. In part, because from the earliest moments of my arrival in NY, my gaze was cast too far forward, beyond 2015, beyond the holidays, into the year ahead.

So I’d like to take this moment to stop, take stock, raise a glass of virtual bubbly, and publicly extol the virtues not only of my immediate Team, but of all the members of our now extended “family:” The universe of supporters and creative individuals who have so greatly enriched our community in 2015. That's you.

Thank You. This project would be nowhere without you all. I rely on you for everything from your expertise and optimism to your virtual company. The fact that you open and enjoy these near-weekly missives is a great gift and a comfort. For it may take a Team to build an app. But it takes a Village to grow a venture. And in 2015, that is what we've become.

In the name of the TTT&T Team and Community,
to thank you for Your goodwill and support,
I will be giving the Gift of Literacy in our honor this holiday season
by providing donations to the following worthy organizations:

Friends of African Village Libraries
First Book

If you’re still looking for a last minute organization to support,
I highly recommend these three.


*   *   *   *   *

And now, to announce the winner of our
Gr&t History Book Giveaway:


Congrats Margarita!
Expect your Gr&t History Books soon!

And thanks to all who entered the TTT&T Giveaway.

*   *   *   *   *

Don't forget to give thanks this holiday season, the most important gift of all.

Nurture good readers with great books, and #TurnHistoryOn with the best of your family and community traditions!

See you all in 2016!
XO Sarah