Ciao! Buongiorno! This week I write to you from Florence, Italy, where I'm busy hunting for traces of Michelangelo for our coming Kickstarter Campaign video. I'm gathering some lovely donation rewards as well ;).

I began my Italian sojourn at the 2015 Bologna Children's Book Fair, soaking up all there is to be learned from my Dust or Magic colleagues and friends.

As evidenced by the top five Digital Ragazzi Award winners, 2014 will go down in history as the year children's apps broke forth from the boundaries imposed by the page. But 2015 finds the form still searching for how best to incorporate narrative.

We think we've found a solution to that conundrum at Time Traveler Tours. More on that next week when I post my annual write-up of the Fair's Digital Cafe and Ragazzi prize winners.

In the meantime, I caught up Mary Hoffman at the Bologna Fair. Award-winning children's author and Italian historian, she will launch Time Traveler Tours & Tales future list with IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF GIANTS (2016). (You can read all about it here.)

Click on the video above to hear what she had to say in answer to the question: Why did you chose Time Traveler Tours & Tales for your next title?

And now for a little eye-candy from Florence. Enjoy! Let me know if you have a favorite!