Great news from TTT&T Head-quarters: We’ve just completed the first full build of In the Footsteps of Giants, our time-traveling tour to Renaissance Florence, and it's looking great!

As luck would have it, we seem to be launching at exactly the right time too. Who knew?

Last Tuesday, I received this gorgeous message from a young fan, one of the original pilot-testers of Beware Madame la Guillotine. She wrote:

“Sarah, have you seen Pokémon GO? Your Time Traveler Tours are the same thing, only better, because they teach cool facts and skills!”

Her message was like a magical salve. I'd been hacking for many days straight at that point and a fatigue reminiscent of my Kickstarter days had settled in. I'd also been feeling a bit hopeless -- perhaps because of the fatigue? -- in the face of the violence and intolerance that has gripped our world. These enthusiastic words immediately strengthened my resolve to harness today's popular technologies to Turn History On.

Because the risk is too great if we allow the past to be forgotten. Knowing our collective history -- truly understanding the best as well as the worst of it -- is the only way to ensure that humanity builds on its successes, and that we avoid repeating our most atrocious mistakes.

If Pokémon GO is any example, the touchscreen is the perfect medium for engaging minds and pulling them into worlds once lived as well as imagined. And judging by the number of millennials now wandering around with their smartphones thrust out in front of them, tracking and capturing imaginary creatures, we're talking about all minds, not just young ones!

So I'm thrilled to say that Team TTT&T and I are mere weeks away from giving you Michelangelo's story app tour. And that we seem to be launching right on time. While it does not yet include augmented reality, that feature is on our roadmap and may very well be in the app before the end of the year.

Excited yet? Here’s a little visual candy to get you started!