Two days ago, I woke in a cold sweat with a to-do list as long as my braccio.* We're going full-speed ahead on building the app right now and while I'm thrilled with the results, it's a lot of work. So I wasn't really relishing the idea of taking time from my busy app-building schedule to compose our weekly blog and newsletter.

Then I opened my email. And inside I found a wonderful, truly unexpected surprise...

"Hi Sarah," wrote Rebecca Pickens, The Curriculum Junkie for HomeSchoolLife Magazine. "Hot off the press--it's the latest issue of HSL magazine," she continued. 

"Your review appears on pages 29-30. It was truly a pleasure reading your work. You folks have a terrific concept and I wish you the very best with all of your efforts."

Rebecca reached out to me months ago. I knew she was considering writing about us, but I didn't know when it was coming or just how lovely it would be! 

It's a review of Beware Madame la Guillotine, and not just the book but of author/educator and TTT&T Curriculum Developer Marcie Colleen's incredible Curriculum Guide as well, which truly deserves all the praise and attention Rebecca showers on it.

Rebecca's review is so positive that I'm going to let it speak for itself.

Thank you, Rebecca. This couldn't have landed at a more perfect moment! It truly is About Time!

*Braccio means arm in Italian. It was also a unit of measurement in the Renaissance era. 

Review Excerpts: 

It's About Time

With a 21st century combination of text and technology, Time Traveler Tales bring history -- in all its complexity and controversy -- to life in your homeschool classroom. Rebecca Pickens takes a journey in time with this curriculum for middle school and older students...

IF YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR engaging resources that will help your kids fall in love with history, I have a treasure for you. A talented team of authors, educators, and app developers have joined Time Traveler Tales founder and writer Sarah Towle. Together they are creating a series of interactive history books, curriculum handbooks, and story apps that will ignite your child's curiosity.
      Beware Madame La Guillotine is the first book in this emerging history series. A curriculum handbook and an award-winning app based on the same story are available from this publisher as well.
     Twenty-four-year-old Charlotte Corday is the book's compelling young narrator. Her harrowing true story unfolds on the streets of Paris in the midst of the French Revolution... Corday identifies the root cause of the revolution as she also introduces the central figures who are at the heart of her nation's struggle.
     ...Curriculum developer Marcie Colleen has written an engaging handbook to accompany Beware Madame La Guillotine. Chock full of inventive lesson ideas, Colleen's curriculum teaches across the disciplines of history, social studies, English, and dramatic arts using a flexible formate that will resonate with many homeschooling families...
     ...Aware that all of us learn best when we engage with a subject playfully, Time Traveler Tales has combined artful storytelling with innovative technology...
     ...Throughout history our world has been rich with real-life stories as exciting and thought-provoking as the bery best in fiction writing. Sarah Towle and her team recognize this fact, and they are providing kids with an outstanding portal into wondrous stories of the past.


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