Right now we're pretty consumed with preparations for pitch@palace. But we've got an app to launch!

I know. When it rains it pours, right?

So as we zoom toward the official launch of BURIED ALIVE, by Mary Hoffman and Time Traveler Tours, we're spearheading a campaign certain to #TurnHistoryOn.

It's called My #HistoryHero, and we need to know...

Who's your #HistoryHero? Tell us in a selfie! 

It's as simple as...

  • naming a history hero,

  • writing it in block letters on a piece of paper (or on an iPad -- thank you Kiri!),

  • taking a selfie, then

  • sending us the picture.

It can be anybody, known or unknown, living or not, who has made a positive impact on the world, big or small. You can include yourself, or not. Up to you.

We'll be sharing your #HistoryHeroes throughout the coming months on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as we watch our collage grow and grow. Thanks to all who have participated so far! Right now we have 18 names. Can we make it to 2000?

Isn't that just beautiful? That is how we #TurnHistoryOn!

Please participate! Send us your #HistoryHero selfie today!

Remembering the words of Joe's #HistoryHero, Benjamin Franklin, today:

"Energy and persistence conquer all things."

Sarah & Team TTT&T