BIG THANKS to Olivia Muus, Danish marketer and designer, for her fabulous photos of historical figures taking selfies. What a great way to #TurnHistoryOn!

BIG THANKS to Olivia Muus, Danish marketer and designer, for her fabulous photos of historical figures taking selfies. What a great way to #TurnHistoryOn!

At Time Traveler Tours we combine the traditional power of narrative with the magic of the touchscreen to #TurnHistoryOn. We put the story back in history to ensure that no one says, “History is boring!” ever again. 

This is our unique proposition: the value-add we bring to the worlds of museum education and educational tourism. 

Today I'm going to share with you five reasons why presenting the past through historically accurate storytelling is the main ingredient of every book or app we produce...

Everyone loves a good story. 

Story calms the mind. It renders us open to new learning. As the oldest human art form, it’s become part of our DNA. We’re all wired to receive information through story.

Narrative storytelling can explain big, complex themes without being didactic. 

Narrative has the power to transport you from the real to the imagined, especially if the imagined was once real. History told through story doesn’t sink under the weight of chronologies, names, dates, and random facts. And because story is so effortless to access, so easy to “hear"...

Historical tales are capable of informing the present. 

Narrative builds bridges from yesterday to today. It provides answers to the enduring problems faced by humanity, again and again, throughout the course of history.

Stories from the past give voice to the voiceless and articulate universal themes.

Historical tales are thus capable of aiding the understanding of both society and individual. The search for identity, acceptance, belonging, and self-worth: these are common historical narratives that never fail to edify, educate, and inspire.

Stories from the past allow readers to see that societies can change, often for the better; that revolutions can be peaceful; that violence is never justified; that the individual can find hope even in the most hopeless situation; that diversity does enrich life; that conflict can be negotiated positively.

Stories show us who we are and what we share as people, across cultures, time zones, and centuries. They explain the unexplainable. They empower us to question. They encourage us to experience vicariously the pain and power of others. They empower us even as they entertain.

Story makes history accessible. Story turns history on.

That’s why we aim to put the story back in history. Because dates, facts, names, and chronologies are only part of a bigger whole made real through the experience of those who were there. That's why we ask our characters to take us by the hand and show us their world through their eyes. 

That’s the TTT&T Way: 
the unique value we provide as we weave our
stories into the fabric of both time and place.