I'm a digital storyteller.
I write place-based stories for youth.

I seek out the stories lurking in the shadows
of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

I find the colorful characters
most likely to bring these stories to life.

I produce and publish their story across formats,
including app, e-, print, audio, and soon virtual reality, as
Time Traveler Tours & Tales.

I #TurnHistoryOn.

If you are a cultural organization, travel destination,
or writer of historical fiction...

I can help you #TurnHistoryOn, too.


Young people think "history is boring." They claim "museums are dull."
But history isn't the problem, it's the way it's presented that too often fails to resonate with youth.

Everyone loves a good story, however. It's humankind's original art form.
And we all learn best through play, even adults.
So I put the Story back in HiStory. I make it fun and unforgettable.

I can help you craft your content into a compelling tale that hooks and holds attention. 

I can counsel you on how best to produce and share your cultural legacy
to the best advantage of you and your audience.

I’ve made it my life’s goal to bring history and culture to life. 

Now, I'm excited to support your efforts.

Let's Make History Together.
Let's #TurnHistoryOn!



"Sarah morphed quickly from educator to writer to cutting-edge app creator and entrepreneur. Her transformation is as exciting as her digital tales."

Whitney Stewart, Children's Nonfiction Author


"Sarah is the real deal – pioneering the way for the rest of us. Her app is phenomenal and now that I’ve seen the iBook, I can say that it is phenomenal too."

Julie Hedlund, Children's Author and Entrepreneur