You have a story to tell.

And you want to tell it well.

You have a cultural legacy to highlight.

And you wish to engage youth and the young at heart.

You have a historic tale or destination to bring to life.

And you're hoping to harness the potential of the touchscreen
to enable your audience to interact with yesterday, today.

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But can you do it? And can you afford to?

The answer is, Yes.

And with a decade of experience creating digital media now under my hat, I can help you marry the traditional power of narrative and the magic of the touchscreen to produce interactive content that hooks and holds audience attention.


Here's How I Work:

I engage all clients—whether independent content creators or fully staffed cultural organizations—using the same five-stage process that guides us from project conception to completion, but is unique to your project.

The Discovery Phase provides the foundation upon which all remaining phases and stages may reliably be constructed to ensure that your project is relevant and beloved by users and fans... from the moment you launch. Depending on the complexity of your project, your available resources, and your budget, you may need me for all, or part, of the remaining phases of the production process.

The discovery audit informs the collaboration and leads to a Strategic Project Management Plan, with milestones and goalposts clearly outlined.

Then we're on to Asset Creation, starting with the most important element:  the Story.

Then we consider User Experience Design, which informs the production of graphic design and other story-enhancing features.

Finally, we reach our iterative Building & Testing phase, when we wire story and assets together to create one or more of the following products, testing them on the "crowd" as we go:





  • eBOOKS






I'm ready to help you launch your story from the page to the screen
as an interactive tale that digital natives–and their parents–love.

Let's #TurnHistoryOn!


"Sarah is the real deal – pioneering the way for the rest of us. Her app is phenomenal and now that I’ve seen the iBook, I can say that it is phenomenal too."

Julie Hedlund, Children's Author and Entrepreneur

"Sarah morphed quickly from educator to writer to cutting-edge app creator and entrepreneur. Her transformation is as exciting as her digital tales."

Whitney Stewart, Children's Nonfiction Author