Sarah is an excellent workshop facilitator - efficient, effective and entertaining. My experience of her Writers' Workshop helped me significantly develop my understanding and skill, technically and creatively, as both a writer and a teacher of writing for children and teenagers. Her approach includes an inspiring mix of clarity, pragmatism, creativity and challenge. I finished the workshop feeling empowered to write and teach better, wiser and more.

Sophie, Instructor, The Roaming Schoolhouse, Paris, France

I am a literacy and language educator by passion and profession. Though I now spend my working days spinning tales full time, I also continue to share my professional passion with teachers every chance I can get.

I have a Masters of Arts in Education with a dual emphasis in language acquisition and literacy development from Teachers College, Columbia University. While at TC/CU, I was fortunate to have been trained in the techniques of the Writing Workshop, a method of instruction that mimics the writing process of real writers pioneered and systematized by Lucy Caulkins and The Teachers College Reading & Writing Project.

I have since used the skills I developed there to inform my teaching as well as my practice as a writer. They have served me so well. That I now delight in passing them on. My hands-on, experiential workshops for teachers bring the creative writing process into the classroom, not just as an add-on, but as a component part to teaching and learning across subject areas.

Instruction always concludes with a publishing party!

Instruction always concludes with a publishing party!

If you think I can be of service to your teaching and learning community, please contact me here. Thanks!

Sarah's training worked on so many levels – inspiring us as writers and as a teachers but also helping as a team building exercise.

Derek Ferguson, Director, The Roaming Schoolhouse, Paris, France