I share their stories as interactive tales across digital formats.

Because everyone loves a good story.

And we all learn best when we play.

Time Traveler Tours - 9 of 16.jpg
Time Traveler Tours - 16 of 16.jpg

Put the story back in history.
Make it fun. Make it unforgettable. Make it matter.



"Sarah gave me superb advice and pointers as to what I need to do to get myself out there and make an impact. She took me through the first steps thoroughly and clearly. There are so many things you need to know in marketing your work as an author, and it can be very hard to get going. When someone already has that knowledge and guides you round the pitfalls, it makes all the difference."

Lucille Turner, Professor of Literature & Communications
Author of Gioconda

"For a digital immigrant like me, Sarah has been an invaluable guide. She is smart, energetic, trustworthy, friendly and diligent. Where else can you find an accomplished author, researcher, educator, public speaker, app creator and marketing trouble-shooter, all in one package? With Sarah clearing a path for you, no need to fear getting lost in the digital wilderness."

Orel Protopescu, Award-Winning Author and Poet
Co-Creator of A Word's A Bird